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Case of Genie Essay

1.Describe the instance of Genie. What befell her? For what reason is this case significant? Genie was left in outrageous disconnection. She was kept in a back bedroom,tied to a latrine. She got little incitement of any sort and was taken care of infant food.She was given no visual or other tactile stimulation.This case shows that early stages and youth are crucial occasions for mental health. 2.What have researchers found out about the way that the cerebrum creates in youngsters? Depict how this advancement occurs. They have discovered that there are basic periods for mental health. They found that guardians fill an imperative job in the advancement of their child’s mind through their associations with the child.Parents and parental figures must give legitimate incitement to help create associations. Researchers accepted that children’s cerebrums were foreordained by and large regarding how they would create. Notwithstanding, researchers presently realize that an infant’s encounters help decide how associations are framed and which pathways will create in the cerebrum. Along these lines, as opposed to being foreordained, an infant’s mind is a work in progress, affected by their hereditary qualities, yet in addition the encompassing scene. 3.Describe how discourse creating gadgets work. Clarify the significance of augmentive correspondence. Discourse producing gadgets are electronic gadgets that assist people with imparting verbally. Augmentive correspondence is significant in light of the fact that it assists people with delivering or fathom composed or spoken language.These specialized gadgets can be significant instruments to assist youngsters with discourse troubles speak with guardians, educators, companions, and others in their lives Basic Thinking Questions 1.What do researchers mean when they state that there are basic periods for mental health? For what reason are these periods significant? At the point when researcher state that there are basic periods for mental health theyâ mean that if a kid misses that period they’ll be observably not the same as others in a similar age gathering. These periods are significant in light of the fact that they’ll need them all through life.

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Hematologic Discussion Essay

Question 1 Frailty is a state of the blood where the quantity of sound red platelets is low to meet the oxygen prerequisites of body tissues. It is fundamentally characterized based on erythrocyte morphology, physiology and plausible etiology. The arrangement dependent on morphology of red platelets considers the size of erythrocytes. Under this class microcytic iron deficiency happens if the red platelets are littler than ordinary. Normocytic pallor is available if the red platelets have the ordinary size however lower in number though macrocytic frailty happens when the red platelets are bigger than typical. In view of etiology, different conditions are viewed as which result in either blood misfortune, over the top demolition of red platelets and diminished or disabled creation of red platelets. On a similar note, the physiological grouping depends on hemoglobin level and happens in three phases. These remember the mellow stage for which the Hb level is 110-90g/l, moderate stage in which Hb level is 90-70g/l, and serious stage in which Hb level is Laboratory standards (Makama, 2010). The three kinds of sickliness are iron-lack frailty brought about by blood misfortune, for example, in instances of substantial or delayed menstrual periods, deficient iron flexibly or underutilization of iron in the body.â Aplastic weakness is brought about by failure of the bone marrow to create enough erythrocytes, platelets and white platelets. Sickle-cell weakness is brought about by an inherited imperfection which influences Hb creation in which the red platelets accept an unusual bow shape. It is important that the most widely recognized sort of pallor in the United States is iron-insufficiency paleness since most ladies are of kid bearing age and experience exorbitant blood misfortune during menses. Essentially, the signs and side effects of this kind of iron deficiency are fair skin, exhaustion, cerebral pain, wooziness, gastrointestinal aggravations, and dry mouth. Its treatment includes admission of iron rich eating regimen including iron enhancements (bodyandhealth.canada.com, 2009). Question 2 DIC is an abbreviation that represents scattered intravascular coagulation. It is a genuine issue where proteins which control blood coagulating become unusually dynamic bringing about arrangement of blood clumps inside veins. The stopping up of veins slices off blood flexibly to different organs, for example, the cerebrum, liver and kidneys. DIC can be brought about by specific sorts of blood malignancy, blood disease by growth or microbes and blood transfusion responses. Clinical signs incorporate unreasonable drain, hypertension, and blood clusters. DIC can be treated by utilizing plasma transfusions to supplant blood coagulating factors. Likewise heparin might be utilized to forestall blood thickening (nlm.nih.gov, 2010).

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The ultimate 7 tips for re-sitting your exams

The ultimate 7 tips for re-sitting your exams The ultimate 7 tips for re-sitting your exams Re-sitting an exam can present a number of unique challenges, but with careful planning, you can sail through easily and painlessly. Like any other area of academic success, strategy is key. It helps to understand a little about how exams are most often structured. The majority of instructors, knowingly or unknowingly, tier the responses so that grades are distributed properly. Thus, an ideal exam and one nearly impossible to make will have enough questions to ensure that not everyone does badly, nor does everyone do incredibly well. Even essay questions are typically structured in such a way that an average can be met. Now, there are many reasons why an exam may need to be re-sat: maybe personal circumstances prevented you etc. In any case, the biggest issue to consider is how much time has passed between the course, the first exam, and the re-sit. Is it a few weeks? A full term? The following pieces of advice will likely help you better strategise your preparations. 1. Don’t assume the questions will be the same Probably the biggest error you could make is assuming that the questions you will be given will be the same as the previous exam. Even where you may not have taken the exam, an instructor will likely assume that you know someone from the class who might inform. They will most certainly make a unique exam that somehow covers the same material but is not the same exam. 2. Don’t assume the questions will be different However, just because the exam is likely to be different does not mean an old exam or a friend’s knowledge of the exam is unhelpful. Remember that there is usually a core of information that should carry you to at least an average mark. Very likely, that old exam has this core of information to help you get started. One caution, however: if you are getting information for an exam from a friend that took it, but you did not, keep in mind that their memory can be fallible and their need to perform well not as great as yours. 3. Know the format One aspect of sitting or re-sitting any exam is to know the format. Most instructors do not have any issue with telling students the format of the exam; whether it is multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer, or essay. If you do not know, you should not have any reservations asking your instructor. But pressing to know anything more will be frowned on. 4. Make your own exam One of the most tried and true ways of preparing for an exam is to make the exam for yourself. Using your most recent exam as a model, try to find ways to make questions that are more difficult and challenging than the ones you already know. Think: what would a cruel and sadistic instructor ask on this exam? This is an excellent way to prepare yourself. 5. Find old exams Depending on the subject area there are often old exams from courses past available through the university. And if they are not, you can sometimes petition your instructor or their department to provide you with copies of old exams. This is a great way to study because seeing multiple exams can allow you an opportunity to spot trends and identify common themes across semesters. It is also worth noting that professors very often use old exams to give them ideas for their own. 6. Find other sources for exams The Internet can also be a good source of material for exams and exam questions. When it comes to potential theme based essay type questions, a really big help can be reading other student’s essays. There is an abundance of online content where university students have posted their own essays on topics online. This can allow you opportunities to shape a position or develop a line of argumentation well before you sit down. If, for instance, you know you have an essay exam on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, reading other essays about Hamlet alongside reading Hamlet is really going to help. And if you have more specific details, you can request model exam answers to be prepared for you through an online service. This can also further help you develop a line of argumentation and development well in advance of the exam. These, in fact, have the advantage of being original content and can thus provide fresh ideas that can set your exam apart. 7. Plan ahead Whatever line of attack you choose the one thing that you must do is plan ahead. More than likely you will know a reasonable time in advance that an exam will need to be re-sat and when that will be. It takes a long time to prepare properly, to gather materials as we have suggested above, or make exams for yourself. You do not want to wait too long, so start as soon as possible. Good luck. Revise the smart way with our model exam answers With our model exam answer service, an expert academic specialised in your subject area will provide you with a model answer to the questions that keep coming up. You can take this answer away, study it and build on it so that come exam day, you're prepared for the most likely questions. Find out more You may also like... 5 reasons you need your work edited by an academic Understanding feedback from your essay marker Marking: from a marker’s perspective exam resitsexam seasonexaminationsexamsresitsresitting examsstudent lifestudy skillsstudyinguniversity

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Essay about Identity Theory - 1490 Words

In my opinion, mental states are not behavioural dispositions, as originally described by behaviourists. Behaviourism was primarily devised to address the flaws of Substance Dualism and present a solution to the mind-body problem. Since then, many other philosophical ideas have provided alternative solutions to the mind-body problem, as well as exposing weaknesses in behaviourism. Behaviourism states that behavioural dispositions are tendencies to react with a certain kind of stimuli. For example, if a person is confronted by a tiger, that person would be disposed to; run away, shout for help and assert ‘there is a tiger.’ This is what is known as a mental state, a stimulus and the relevant dispositions. This theory seems relatively sound†¦show more content†¦A criminal telling a lie may feign confusion, apathy and indifference, hoping to convince people that he is unaware of something. Another argument against behaviourism refers to the stimulus response exper iment of ‘Pavlov’s dog.’ The experiment showed that behavioural dispositions could be provoked by conditioning. A bell would be rung, signifying the arrival of food to the dog, whether there was any food or not. The dog would show all the relevant dispositions of hunger salivating etc. However this does not mean the dog was pressed into a mental state of hunger as a result of the conditioning. Simply put behavioural dispositions do not directly correspond with a mental state. Another flaw can be seen in the ‘Behaviour unnecessary’ argument. It suggests that certain mental states aren’t necessarily tied to behavioural dispositions. As an example, a person may have an unpleasant experience such as pain from a broken bone. They would still feel the sensation of pain no matter what they were disposed to feel. The feeling of pain is still present regardless of how you choose to react to it. An additional fault in the behaviourist argument is eviden t when applied to another group of Philosophers. The argument falls apart if the person experiencing the stimulus is a stoic. Stoicism is typically associated with the removal of emotion from one’s life. However ‘super stoics’ have complete control over their behavioural dispositions as well asShow MoreRelatedIdentity Theory And Social Identity1228 Words   |  5 PagesIdentity theory traces its root in the writing of G.H Mead, the American philosopher, sociologist and psychologist who says that the image or the feeling that a person creates for him or herself in a particular society is the result of other’s vision, which is created daily and is subjected to change. Richard Jinkens, the sociologist describes that social identity means who we are and who the others are and on the other hand what the other thinks about themselves and others. Further, Mead elaboratesRead MoreSocial And Social Identity Theory1860 Words   |  8 PagesTurner, the Social Ide ntity Theory (SIT) can be described as the comparison between the individual self and the social self. More specifically, it is the individual’s perception that is derived from their membership of a social group (ingroups and outgroups) or personal identities. The theory is divided into three different psychological mechanisms: social categorization, social comparison, and the tendency for people to use the group membership as a source to gain self-esteem. A theory is defined asRead MoreSocial Identity Theory861 Words   |  3 PagesSocial identity theory, it is a person’s sense that is based around the group they are in, either by their personal identity or with different kinds of social identities. That is, people will try to improve their own image of themselves. The theory was proposed by Henri Tajfel. People can increase their self-esteem by both their own achievement and interaction with a successful group of people. This shows the importance of social belonging . This theory is based around three mental processes, socialRead MoreOutline Of Social Identity Theory1278 Words   |  6 PagesOutline social identity theory and with reference to recent research critically evaluate the strategies individuals or groups might use to achieve a positive social identity. Social Identity Theory (SIT) is a relational term, defining who we are as a function of our similarities and differences with others. It is shared with others and provides a basis for shared social action and the meanings associated with any social identity are products of our collective history and present. Therefore SocialRead MoreIdentity Development Theory And Eriksons Theory Of Adolescence Development743 Words   |  3 PagesThe chart above denotes the major theories of adolescence development; however in this study we limit ourselves to Erik Erikson’s identity development theory. For Erikson (1950) adolescence is a period during which individuals seek to avoid dangers of role diffusion and identity confusion by establishing a sense of personal identity. Individuals have to find answers for two major questions â€Å"who am I?† and â€Å"what is my place in society?† Identity is a â€Å"conscious sense of individual uniqueness† andRead MoreAssignment On Social Identity Theory Essay1158 Words   |  5 Pages TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES MUMBAI GROUP WORK ASSIGNMENT ON SOCIAL IDENTITY THEORY Submitted to: Professor Vijay Raman Enrollment No.: M2015CF026 SOCIAL IDENTITY THEORY The Social Identity Theory was developed by Tajfel and Turner in 1979. The theory was originally developed to understand the psychological basis of intergroup discrimination. Tajfel in 1971 attempted to identify the  minimal  conditions that would lead members of one group to discriminate in favour of the in groupRead MoreSocial Identity Theory And Theories Surrounding Intergroup Relations2244 Words   |  9 Pageson ideas presented from Social Identity Theory and theories surrounding intergroup relations. The main ideas from the theories being that people conform with others beliefs, usually following the opinions of the group to which they belong. Social Identity Theory, written by Tajfel and Turner in 1986 considers how people think and act towards a social group, and this is believed to mainly recognise social cognitive theories to be the main grounding for the theory. Turner in 1982 suggested a groupRead MoreNotes On Social Identity Theory1191 Words   |  5 PagesContextualizing BIRG: Social Identity Theory SIT (Tajfel et al., 1971; Tajfel Turner, 1979) has been explained briefly in the Introduction, which provided an overview on the nature of its construction (Galang et al., 2015) and its implications on ingroup inclusion, intergroup behavior, and self-esteem (Brewer Yuki, 2007). This theory is further discussed here, particularly its conception of group identification and esteem, to give context to BIRG and the framework of analysis that will be usedRead MoreAdolescent Identity Formation By Erik Erikson s Psychosocial Theory Of Identity Development2352 Words   |  10 PagesCarter, Lauren Professor Christan Amundsen Psych 2314 12, April 2015 Adolescent Identity Formation Adolescence is defined as the developmental stage between childhood and adulthood typically beginning at age twelve and ending at age twenty. This stage for most adolescents is a complex time in which physical, cognitive and social development is at its peak. The balance between life as a child and the quest to transition into the independence of young adulthood presents many challenges within theRead MoreCritically Evaluate Social Identity Theory2060 Words   |  9 PagesCritically evaluate Social Identity Theory. Who are you? Who am I? These are questions that we all ponder at some point or another in our lives. As human beings we are seemingly inundated with the desire to classify and categorise. We are constantly defining and analysing the differences that we observe in the world, it seems only natural that we would apply this method of classification to our position within our society. More specifically, we want to understand our social identities and this can be achieved

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The Bp Deepwater Horizon Disaster - 1006 Words

Compliance and Regulation To maintain expected business practices, governments enact regulations through legislation as a means of ensuring that businesses operate within expected guidelines. Some regulations are proactive, such as Bill 198 (Better known as CSOX, the Canadian version of the Sarbanes and Oxley Act) which places additional expectations on the reporting and auditing of company financials (PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2004). Other regulations are reactive; such as bill C45 that passed after the Westray mine disaster took the lives of 26 workers. This regulation looks to hold company executives personally liable for ignoring safety protocols and conducting behavior with criminal intent in the workplace (Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety, 2014). Regardless of their founding, regulations can impose stiff penalties upon companies that choose not to place focus on implementing the necessary controls in place to ensure compliance to them. The BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster On April 20, 2010, the British Petroleum (BP) leased Deepwater Horizon drilling rig took an unexpected kick of gas pressure from an oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. The release ignited, and through the failure of the blowout preventers progressed into a firestorm. The fire consumed the drilling rig platform, sinking it, causing 11 casualties, and the subsequent release of 4.9 million barrels of oil into in the gulf before the release contained (British Petroleum). The incident isShow MoreRelatedDeepwater Horizon Oil Spill: the Bp Disaster2305 Words   |  10 PagesAP Environmental Science Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: The BP Disaster The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was one of the most infamous industrial environmental disasters ever. On April 20, 2010, a marine oil-drilling dig called the Deepwater Horizon exploded, releasing hundreds of millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. This explosion resulted in the loss of human life, massive environmental damage, and widespread damage to the livelihood of people living along theRead MoreBp s Improve Sustainability And Its Reputation For The Deepwater Horizon Disaster1620 Words   |  7 Pagesgentleman by the name of William D’Arcy is the founder of the world famous gas station BP. D’Arcy had a thrill over oil and decided to invest all of his savings in the quest for oil in the Middle East. Experts and scientists helped encourage D’Arcy to pursue the venture. But years started to pass and funds starting to run low, William was starting to feel as if this was the wrong investment. Throughout the years BP has gone t hrough a plethora of ups and downs. From bankruptcy, to not being able to transportRead MoreBusiness Ethics. Bp Oil Disaster – â€Å"Deepwater Horizon Oil1214 Words   |  5 PagesBusiness Ethics BP Oil Disaster – â€Å"Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill† Thelma P. Eldridge Business Law – BUS 2301.88 Spring 2017 April 25, 2017 In today’s business world, businesses are subject to the laws of the country in which their company was organized and operates. Business owners are to conduct themselves and their affairs ethically and owe some degree of social responsibility for their actions. Ethics, although not law, is a set of moral principles or values that govern the conductRead MoreThe Issue Facing Bp Pre Oil Spill1074 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction On Tuesday, April 20, 2010 the Deepwater Horizon rig burned for 36 hours, combusting 700,00 gallons of oil leaving a trail of smoke over 30 miles long and spilling 53,000-62,000 barrels of oil into the Gulf per day from April 20 and July 15. As of 2010, the Deepwater Horizon disaster was the largest marine oil spill ever to occur in U.S. water. Oil was found on the shores of all five Gulf States and many birds, fish, and reptiles perished due to the oil spill (Ingersoll, 2011, p. 1-2;Read MoreWhen Disaster Strikes : Bp s Risk Management Failure Essay1330 Words   |  6 PagesWhen Disaster Strikes: BP’s Risk Management Failure Risk is a concept that many organizations deal with on an everyday basis. In fact, risk is an integral facet of operating an organization. Risk has negative connotations, but that is a misnomer, because many organizations make use of it for positive gain. One way of looking at risk is that it is what an organization lays on the line so that they can gain something in return. Risk is not inherently bad; it is how an organization manages it thatRead MoreThe Spill Of The Deepwater Horizon1188 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Deepwater Horizon experienced an explosive blowout on a rig located in the Gulf of Mexico. The explosion was about 40 miles of the Louisiana coast. With the flow of gas leaking out, it caused the death of eleven workers on the rig. About two days later the rig sank, which caused quite a lot of damage to a pipeline that laid drawn-out through 5,000 feet of water. As a result, the oil begin pouring from the damaged pipes into the ocean nearby, at the incredible rate. Th e Deepwater Horizon was builtRead MoreThe Deepwater Horizon Disaster Analysis927 Words   |  4 PagesThe Deepwater horizon disaster portrays the weaknesses in the current drilling technology, management and design procedures. The outcome of the disaster shows high level of unawareness and unpreparedness, in the drilling companies. In this section, the report proposes various steps, which shall not only prepare the team, but also offer a guideline towards the response, in the case a similar disaster in the future. The proposed solutions include high-tech exploration, categorization of the disastersRead MoreThe Planning Function at BP1307 Words   |  5 Pagesconsists of a number of different steps, including situational analysis, alternative goals and plans, goal and plan evaluation, goal and plan selection, implementation and monitoring/control. The situation at BP is that the company is working to shake off the effects of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. While that issue remains in litigation, the company is continuing onward with its operations, building out its revenues and exploration capacity. The company has remained consistently profitable (MSN MoneyCentralRead MoreBP ´s Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill of 2010 Essay1401 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The purpose of this paper is to examine one of the largest offshore oil spills in U.S. history, BP’s Deepwater Horizon explosion in 2010. This paper seeks to investigate closely the system and the reasons of failure, to answer the questions behind numerous studies on this accident, Is Deepwater Horizon explosion inevitable? and What can we do to avoid such accidents? Within the scope of Perrow’s normal accident theory, this paper aims to draw conclusions to the above questions andRead MoreThe Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill2022 Words   |  9 PagesDeepwater Horizon Oil Spill The Context Before the occurrence of the Deepwater Horizon event, BP had already been labelled as having a horrible safety record. A 2009 report by the United States Department of Labour Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Todd Petterson , 2009), indicated that BP had 270 existing fines of a ‘failure to abate’ and 439 ‘wilful violations’ of various safety protocols. At the time of the disaster the regulators of the oil industry in the United States was the

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The Hunters Moonsong Chapter Twenty-Four Free Essays

Giggling, Bonnie tripped on her way down the stairs, her foot coming right out of her high-heeled shoe. â€Å"Here you go, Cinderel a,† Zander said, picking up the shoe and kneeling in front of her. He helped slip her foot back into it, his fingers warm and steady against her instep. We will write a custom essay sample on The Hunters: Moonsong Chapter Twenty-Four or any similar topic only for you Order Now Bonnie gave a mock curtsy, muffling her laughter. â€Å"Thank you, m’lord,† she said flirtatiously. She felt fabulous, so sil y and happy. It was almost as if she was drunk, but she’d only had a few sips of beer. No, she was drunk. Drunk on Zander, on his kisses, his gentle hands, and his big blue eyes. She took his hand, and he smiled down at her, that long slow smile, and Bonnie just absolutely quivered. â€Å"Seems like the party’s wrapping up,† she said, as they hit the first floor. It was real y getting late, almost two o’clock. There were only a few groups of hard-core partiers left: a bunch of frat boys by the keg, some theater-department girls dancing with great wide swoops of their arms, a couple sitting hand in hand at the bottom of the stairs in deep conversation. Meredith, Stefan, Samantha, and Matt had disappeared, and if Elena had ever shown up, she had left, too. Zander’s friends had gone, or been kicked out. â€Å"Good-bye, good-bye,† Bonnie caroled to the few people who remained. She hadn’t real y gotten a chance to talk to any of them, but they al looked perfectly nice. Maybe next time she went to a party, she’d stay longer and real y bond with people she hadn’t met before. Look at al the new friends her friends had made on campus. Bonnie gave a special wave to a couple of people she’d seen Matt with lately – a shortish guy whose name she thought was Ethan and that girl with the dark curls and dimples. Not freshmen. She loved everyone tonight, but they deserved it most, because they had seen what a wonderful guy Matt was. They waved back at her, a little hesitantly, and the girl smiled, her dimples deepening. â€Å"They seem real y nice,† Bonnie told Zander, and he glanced back at them as he opened the door. â€Å"Hmmm,† he said noncommittal y, and the look in his eyes, just for a minute, made Bonnie shiver. â€Å"Aren’t they?† she said nervously. Zander looked away from them, back toward her, and his warm bril iant smile spread across his face. Bonnie relaxed; the coldness she’d seen in Zander’s eyes must have been just a trick of the light. â€Å"Of course they are, Bonnie,† he said. â€Å"I just got distracted for a sec.† He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pul ing her close, and dropped a kiss on the top of her head. She sighed contentedly, cuddling up against his side. They walked together companionably for a while. â€Å"Look at the stars,† Bonnie said softly. The night was clear and the stars hung bright in the sky. â€Å"It’s because it’s starting to get colder at night that we can see them so Well.† Zander didn’t answer, only made a hmming sound deep in his throat again, and Bonnie glanced up at him through her eyelashes. â€Å"Do you want to get breakfast with me in the morning?† she asked. â€Å"On Sundays, the cafeteria does make-your-own waffles, with lots of different toppings. Delicious.† Zander was staring off into the distance with that same half-listening expression he had the last time they walked across campus together. â€Å"Zander?† Bonnie asked cautiously, and he frowned down at her, biting his lip thoughtful y. â€Å"Sorry,† he said. He took his arm off of Bonnie’s shoulders and backed away a few steps, smiling stiffly. His whole body was tense, as if he was about to take off running. â€Å"Zander?† she asked again, confused. â€Å"I forgot something,† Zander said, avoiding her eyes. â€Å"I have to go back to the party.† â€Å"Oh. I’l come with you,† Bonnie offered. â€Å"No, that’s okay.† Zander was shifting from foot to foot, glancing over Bonnie’s shoulders as if, suddenly, he’d rather be anywhere than with her. Abruptly, he surged forward and kissed her awkwardly, their teeth knocking together, and then he stepped backward and turned, walking in the other direction. His strides lengthened, and soon he was running away from her, disappearing into the night. Again. He didn’t look back. Bonnie, suddenly alone, shivered and looked around, peering into the darkness on al sides. She had been so happy a minute ago, and now she felt cold and dismayed, as if she had been hit with a splash of freezing cold water. â€Å"You have got to be kidding me,† she said aloud. Elena was shaking so hard that Damon was afraid she might just shake herself apart. He wrapped his arms around her comfortingly, and she glanced up at him without real y seeming to see him, her eyes glassy. â€Å"Stefan†¦Ã¢â‚¬  she moaned softly, and Damon had to fight down a sharp stab of irritation. So Stefan was overreacting. What else was new? Damon was here, Damon was with her and supporting her, and Elena needed to realize that. He was tempted to grab Elena firmly by the chin and make her real y look at him. In the old days, he would have done just that. Hel , in the old days, he would have sent a blast of Power at Elena until she was docile in his hands, until she didn’t even remember Stefan’s name. His canines prickled longingly just thinking of it. Her blood was like wine. Not that expecting Elena to give in to his Power meekly had ever worked particularly Well, he admitted to himself, his mouth curling into a smile. But he wasn’t like that anymore. And he didn’t want her that way. He was trying so hard, although he hated to admit it even to himself, to be worthy of Elena. To be worthy of Stefan, even, if it came right down to it. It had been comforting to final y have his baby brother looking at him with something other than hatred and disgust. Well, that was over. The tentative truce, the beginnings of friendship, the brotherhood, whatever it had been between him and Stefan, was gone. â€Å"Come on, princess,† he murmured to Elena, helping her up the stairs toward her door. â€Å"Just a little farther.† He couldn’t be sorry they kissed. She was so beautiful, so alive and vibrant in his arms. And she tasted so good. And he loved her, he did, as far as his hard heart was capable of it. His mouth curled again, and he could taste his own bitterness. Elena was never going to be his, was she? Even when Stefan turned his back on her, the self-righteous idiot, he was al she thought about. Damon’s free hand, the one that wasn’t cupping Elena’s shoulder protectively, tightened into a fist. They’d reached Elena’s room, and Damon fished in her purse for her keys, unlocking the door for her. â€Å"Damon,† she said, turning in the doorway to look him straight in the eyes for the first time since before Stefan caught them kissing. She looked pale stil , but resolute, her mouth a straight line. â€Å"Damon, it was a mistake.† Damon’s heart dropped like a stone, but he held her gaze. â€Å"I know,† he said, his voice steady. â€Å"Everything wil work out in the end, princess, you’l see.† He forced his lips to turn up in a reassuring, supportive smile. The smile of a friend. Then Elena was gone, the door to her room shutting firmly behind her. Damon spun in his tracks, cursing, and kicked at the wal behind him. It cracked, and he kicked it again with a sour satisfaction at the feeling of the plaster splitting. There was a muted grumbling coming from behind the other doors on the floor, and Damon could hear footsteps approaching, someone coming to investigate the noise. If he had to deal with anyone now, he’d probably kil him. That wouldn’t be a good idea, no matter how much he might enjoy it for the moment, not with Elena right here. Launching himself toward an open hal window, Damon smoothly transitioned to a crow in midair. It was a relief to stretch his wings, to pick up the rhythm of flying and feel the breeze against his feathers, lifting and supporting him. He flew through the window with a few strong beats of his wings and flung himself out into the night. Catching the wind, he soared recklessly high despite the darkness of the night. He needed the rush of the wind against his body, needed the distraction. How to cite The Hunters: Moonsong Chapter Twenty-Four, Essay examples

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Canada Multiculturalism Immigrants and Citizenship †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Canada Multiculturalism Immigrants and Citizenship. Answer: Canada is significantly a very popular nation for the newcomers. This country becomes the perfect example of living in diversity and harmony. It can be said that living with and welcoming multiple cultures helps the Canadian people understanding each other and discarding hate, disgust and violence.This is evident that Canadawas started being recognized as amulticultural or cross-cultural society in the year 1971(Aknin, et al.). This essay will analyze the how multiculturalism is being developed in Canada. In this context, it will focus on the comparison between the view of Wayson Choys Im Banana and Proud of It and Will Kymlickas Canada Multiculturalism immigrants and citizenship. This is to be noted that two hundred traditional origins were marked in the Canadian population according to the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) (Schultz and Caroline). It is evident that the traditional origins had exceeded significantly one million marks. This is to be mentioned as per the report authorized by AMP that significant migrants of Canadahas arrived from China, United Kingdom andNew Zealand. It is also to be noted that as per the 2006 Census by the particular Statistics Canada,783,795Canadian populationrecognized as black, marked as 2.5% of the overall population of Canada (Owusu-Bempah and Wortley). This is clearly evident that 11% of the black population is recognized as the cross-race of the black and white. The term banana in Im Banana and Proud of It refers to the yellow outwardly and white inwardly. According to Choy, the Chinese who are born in the North America act and behave like the white people but they still look like the Asians and therefore they are given the nickname of banana. He comments that the other cultures also earns other nicknames as well, like for example, the Indians are often said apples and the blacks are named as Oreo cookies. Where else, in Canada Multiculturalism immigrants and citizenship, it is said that Canada offers the perfect idea of Multiculturalism comprised with significant co-existence of diverse and different cultures (Modood). This is to be mentioned that the diverse culture comprises ethnic, spiritual, or traditional groups and is established in accustomed practices, cultural conventions and ethical values, thought process, and significant communicative skills and practices. As per the Canadian history, there is a clear and significant impact of E uropeanculture and ethnicity, exclusively Frenchand Britishon their culture by the individuality of the specific indigenous culture. This is to be noted that the important essentials of the cross-cultures of Canadian significant immigrant people have started playing a major role in the mainstream culture of Canada. Choy in his book reveal the very painful experiences of his parents that they endured while arriving in North America. His parents being belonging from the Chinese culture had faced racial bias from the people of North America. On the other side, Canada knows to identify and respect the significant society comprised with multiplicity and diversity among dialects, customs, and religious believes. This is to be noted that in the year1982multiculturalismwas recognized and rewarded by the particular section 27 of the significantCanadianCharter of Rights and Freedoms (Baldwin). The significantCanadian MulticulturalismAct was passed by Brian Mulroney, the former Canadian Prime Minister at that time. This is to be mentioned that thesignificant Canadian Multiculturalism Actis known as a particular law, authorized in the year of 1988. This significant lawhas an objective to realm and enrichmulticulturalism specifically in Canada. According to the multiple historical records thesignificant centralized government, led byPierre Elliott Trudeau,the former Prime Ministeracknowledged in the year 1971 that Canada would accept cross-cultural policy (GgraÃ… ¾ulis, Vladimiras, and Vladimiras).It can be said that Canadawould acknowledge and appreciatethe significant diversity in languages, civilizations, religious faith in the Canadian Society. Im banana and proud of it depicts the racial biases that people still suffers from while moving to some other nation and entering into their culture. However, Canada became significantly the first country in the entire world to adopt the practice multiculturalism as an official strategy in the year 1971 (Pfohman and Shannon). It is evident that the specificproclamationsignificantlyrefers to statement of former Prime Minister Trudeau in theHouse of Commons of Canada on the 8th October 1971(Pacione and Darren). This is to be noted that this incident took place afternegotiation, the strategies of multiculturalism and bilingualism would be applied in Canada.It is evident thatCanadian Multiculturalism Act (CMA) of 1988 was authorized as the outcome of this strategy statement(Hershey and Samantha). This is to be noted that Canada is playing a major role in order to executing the multicultural strategy as their official policy. The dedicated organization named Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is taking all the responsibilities related to thedevelopment of significant strategies and policies and handling specifically permanent and temporary abode visa, refugee security and citizenship submissions. They lead the significant refugees and immigrants to settle in Canada by the significant fund raising companies as the Canadian Caregivers Associationto offernew arrivals with significant and exclusive settlement events. These dedicatedcompanies are known as the significant service provider companies. Choy further acknowledges how the Chinese people risked their life during the Word War II by joining army and only after that they had gained the right to be the citizen of North America. He also considered the view point of the elders of china about the young generation of China who assimilated so very well into the life of North American. He claims that Chinese will never forget their roots as they look into the mirror, it always reflects back. He also pointed out the fact that they are been brainwashed by the lifestyle of North Americans. However, he realized that he is not from any of the world and he therefore tries to find out the foundation of his Chinese roots. And finally, he accepted that he is a banana and he is proud of being a Chinese. Hence, from the story Im banana and proud of it it can be analyzed that Wayson Choy argued about the tough times his parents faced as an immigrant and first nation in Canada, whereas in Canada Multiculturalism immigrants and citizenship Will Kymlicka argued that how Canada welcomes diversity spreading both its hands. Canada is known as one of the country marked by multiculturalism in the significant Western Government. They have already stated the example that immigration can be comprehended as significantly the first and foremost step to the citizenship. Canada has made people learn that the generosity of a country lies in the acceptance of an immigrant and transform the person into a citizen but the story of Choy differs from this. References: Aknin, Lara B., et al. 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